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While I draw and paint things like flowers, sunlit hillsides and street scenes in places like San Francisco, the real subjects of my work are the illusive and transitory qualities of light and colour.

I work in a variety of media; pastel is probably my favourite. It allows me to combine the mark-making explorative nature of drawing with the chromatic possibilities associated with painting.

In addition to pastel, I also work in oil, encaustic and, more recently, digital photography. While photography has always been an integral part of my studio practice, I have recently begun to make mixed media works that combine archival digital prints, collaged Japanese papers and encaustic.

Artists respond to beauty, pain, love, the act of painting itself. At its best, my work is an expression of the affection I feel for the people, places and things in my world. I think it shows.


University of Toronto, BSc., Environmental Management.
Toronto School of Art, The Artistís Workshop, Sheridan College and
Dundas Valley School of Art, additional courses and workshops.


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Ken Fosythe and Birgit Moenke, June 2005

International Artist: Master Artist Showcase. March/April 2004.

Pastel Artist International: Master Pastel Artists Showcase.
January/February 2001.